Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

  • The SBS Swiss Business School Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a full-time, 180 ECTS program that is divided into three years of two semesters each. Classes are lectured by qualified faculty and take place at SBS Swiss Business School campus in Kloten-Zurich. Students also participate in internships, company visits and excursions, forums and symposia, guest speaker presentations and more.

    The program culminates with the submission and defense of a thesis, on a business-related subject of the student’s choosing. Students who successfully complete the program are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration from the SBS Swiss Business School.

    We utilize an innovative approach to team-based learning as we strongly believe that this approach reflects today’s progressive workplace. The SBS Swiss Business School’s Bachelor of Business Administration is the program that will open the door to the international career opportunities that you have dreamed of, by preparing you for the world of global business.

    Success Stories

    • Samuel Chamberlin My knowledge about the business world has expanded, and it would not have been so without the amazing classmates I was presented with throughout all three years! Their different backgrounds, cultures and experiences also helped to make me better in many aspects. I am excited to see what the future holds, and I wish everyone coming to SBS Swiss Business School much success! Samuel Chamberlin BBA Student
    • Franziska KlauserI would say that this was one of the best academic experiences I have ever had. I was able to gain so much knowledge and experience from the great faculty and staff that SBS Swiss Business School had to offer. I was able to learn so much more than just theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge about the business world. The various courses benefited me by providing me with a range of useful business skills such as: team-work, networking and strategically framing thought processes. I was able to create relationships with students from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. They were bright, highly motivated and dynamic individuals who offered me a different perspective of the world. Franziska Klauser BBA Alumna
    • The Bachelor program at SBS was a very valuable experience for me. It has helped to understand the fundamental principles of economics and management and has taught me to apply these in a realistic context. After successfully finishing my studies at SBS I will return to pursuing my scientifical education, studying chemistry at the ETH. Therefore I value the experience at SBS for having provided me with a business and management view of things. Having finished my secondary studies I intend to work in the energy industry, focusing on sustainable solutions for replacing fossil fuel based energy. David Scholz BBA
    • During my studies I enjoyed the cultural diversity of SBS’ teaching staff which taught me to look at things from different angles and to consider different points of view. I also viewed it a big advantage that classes at SBS tend to be smaller than is the case with state universities and lager business schools. As a result, the learning process was very focused and efficient. The lecturers were always easily accessible and ready to help with further explanations and discussions.

      Finally, when I started to apply for jobs I was positively surprised by the good standing SBS Swiss Business School enjoys in the market. It took me only a few applications to find a job in wealth management, the area I was most interested in. All in all I would say that my studies at SBS Swiss Business School were a good investment. Valentin Heinemann BBA
    • Manuel KuchenThe dean, professors and administrative staff were always striving to meet the highest possible service quality. It is the dedication and commitment of their team that sets SBS apart from other schools. Manuel Kuchen BBA
    • Fall Semester 2018

      College Prep Week: 17 – 21 Sept. 2018 (compulsory for BBA1)
      Registration Day: Friday, 21 Sept. 2018 (BBA1: 10:00-11:00, BBA2, BBA3: 11:30-12:30)
      Thesis Submission Deadline: 11 Jan. 2019
      Thesis Defense Day: 25 Jan. 2019

      Week 1 24 – 28 September  
      Week 2 1 – 5 October  
      Week 3 8 – 12 October  
      Week 4 15 – 19 October  
      Week 5

      22 – 26 October

      Week 6 29 Oct. – 2 Nov.  
      Fall Break 5 – 9 November  
      Week 7 12 – 16 November  
      Week 8 19 – 23 November  
      Week 9 26 – 30 November  
      Week 10 3 – 7 December  
      Week 11 10 – 14 December  
      Winter Holidays 17 Dec. 2018 – 4 Jan. 2019  
      Week 12 7 – 11 January  
      Week 13 14 – 18 January Make-up & Study Week
      Week 14 21 – 25 January Final Exams
      Week 15

      11 – 15 February

      Retake Exams

      Spring Semester 2019

      Registration day: Friday, 25 Jan. 2019

      Week 1 4 – 8 February  
      Week 2 11 – 15 February  
      Week 3 18 – 22 February  
      Week 4 25 Feb. – 1 March  
      Week 5 4 – 8 March  
      Week 6 11 – 15 March  
      Week 7 18 – 22 March  
      Week 8 25 – 29 March  
      Week 9 1 – 5 April  
      Week 10 8 – 12 April  
      Spring Break 15 – 26 April  
      Week 11 26 April – 3 May  
      Week 12 6 – 10 May  
      Week 13 13 – 17 May CBE Exam & Study Week
      Week 14 20 – 24 May Final Exams
      Week 15 10 – 14 June Retake Exams

      Other Important Events & Dates

      MINT Forum: 28 March 2019
      Thesis Submission: 23 August 2019
      Thesis Defense: 5 – 6 September 2019
      Graduation: 14 September 2019

      Download Academic Calendar 2018-2019

      Download Academic Calendar 2019-2020

    • Admissions Requirements

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      Qualification Admission Required Work Experience
      • Swiss commercial vocational baccalaureate or vocational baccalaureate (business or services)
      • SBS admissions exam not required
      • Interview required with Academic Dean
      • None
      • Swiss vocational baccalaureate (other fields)
      • SBS admissions exam required
      • Interview required with Academic Dean
      • One year (100 %) of work experience in a commercial environment
      • Swiss academic baccalaureate
      • SBS admissions exam not required
      • Interview required with Academic Dean
      • One year (100 %) of work experience in a commercial environment
      • Swiss specialized vocational baccalaureate
      • SBS admissions exam not required
      • Interview required with Academic Dean
      • One year (100 %) of work experience in a commercial environment
      • International Baccalaureate (IB)
      • IB Score of minimum 28 
      • English, Economics, Business and management, Mathematics standard, higher level, and Math Studies
      • Pass Minimum Mark of Acceptance IB (28)
      • Interview required with Academic Dean
      • SBS Admissions exam not required
      • None
      • International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme
      • IB Score of minimum 28 
      • English, Economics, Business and management, Mathematics standard, higher level, and Math Studies
      • Pass Minimum Mark of Acceptance IB (28)
      • Interview required with Academic Dean
      • SBS Admissions exam not required
      • American High School Diploma + SAT
      • SBS admissions exam required
      • Interview required with Academic Dean
      • Score 1200 or higher for applicants with a high school diploma from the USA
      • English
      • Mathematics standard or higher level 
      • Elective
      • Overall Mark (C)  Average  or D (below average) with Conditional Acceptance
      • None
      • Foreign certificates
      • SBS admissions exam required
      • Interview required with Academic Dean
      • One year (100 %) of work experience in a commercial environment

      Foreign High School Diploma*​

      ​​​​​​Foreign school-leaving certificates are considered to be general education if the last three years of schooling include at least six general education subjects, independent of one another, in accordance with the following list:
      1. First language (native language)
      2. Second language
      3. Mathematics
      4. Natural sciences (biology, chemistry or physics)
      5. Humanities and social sciences (geography, history or economics/law)
      6. Elective
      • The highest possible upper secondary school-leaving certificate in the issuing country granting access to university studies in one of the following streams: classical languages, modern languages, humanities, and social sciences, or mathematics and natural sciences.
      • SBS admissions exam required
      • Interview required with Academic Dean

      Language Requirements for BBA students

      Applicants interested in enrolling in the Bachelor of Business Administration program are required to provide evidence of English language skills.

      Recognized English Language Certificates:

      On small screens please scroll horizontally to see all table content.

      Certificate Score/Result
      • Cambridge Proficiency
      • pass
      • Cambridge Advanced
      • pass
      • BEC Higher
      • pass
      • IELTS
      • minimum 6.5
      • TOEFL 
      • 90
      • any other internationally accredited certificate on C1 level
      • minimum 90 points
      • Foreign certificates
      • on a case by case basis

      Transfer Credits

      The English exam can be waived if the student completed their studies in English or have English as their first language.

      Students that transfer from universities or Fachhochschulen(FH) need to provide an English certificate as stated in the above table if their courses were taught in a foreign language.

      These requirements are adapted from the document Zulassung zum Bachelorstudium an Fachhochschulen – Best Practices from 29 October 2015 which was issued by the Chamber of Universities of Applied Sciences of

      How to Apply?


      Applicants must provide the following documentation:

      Completed and duly signed application form
      Certified copy of high school degree
      Official academic transcripts
      Write a motivation letter ca. one A4 page (accepted formats: PDF/Word)
      A SAT score of minimum 1200 (if applicable)
      Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent)
      Non-refundable application fee of CHF 150.-
      One High-resolution picture (passport photo style) in .JPG, .PNG or .GIF format


      SBS Swiss Business School welcomes students who want to transfer from recognized educational institutions around the world. It is the responsibility of the student to have all official transcripts sent to the Admissions Office at SBS Swiss Business School. The admissions officer will decide on the transfer of credits based on the results of each subject. Credits can only be transferred for courses completed with grades of “C” or higher.

    • You begin your business education in the first semester of your freshman year at SBS, and you distribute your study of business over six semesters. As a freshman, you'll jump right into the basics, which positions you for the advanced options you'll choose from later. SBS Swiss Business School's undergraduate curriculum is designed to give you the maximum degree of choice and flexibility, while also providing insights into all the major fields and functions of management. You will take business courses from many different disciplines and have the opportunity to concentrate in one or several major fields.

      The final degree will be awarded by SBS Swiss Business School upon completion of the BBA/ACC-BBA program. 

      Year 1


      Semester 1

      Course ID Course Title ECTS
      ENG 110English4
      ACT 102Accounting4
      MIS 102Information Systems4
      MKT 103Marketing4
      MGT 101Management4
      MGT 105Project Management4
      MAT 100Mathematical Tools for Business4
      FRL 100Foreign Language3
      COV 100Company Visits2

      Semester 2

      Course ID Course Title ECTS
      ENG 115Commercial Correspondence4
      ECO 100Economics4
      BUS 109Law for Business Professionals4
      STA 110Managerial Statistics4
      FIN 107Principles of Finance4
      COM 100Communication Skills4
      FRL 105Foreign Language3
      COV 105Company Visits2

      Year 2

      Semester 3

      Course IDCourse TitleECTS
      Core Business Courses
      ACT 200Advanced Accounting5
      FIN 201Venture Capital and Private Equity5
      MGT 209Human Resource Management4
      MKT 230Marketing5
      FRL 205Foreign Language3
      ITP 200Internship3
      COV 200Company Visits2
      International Management Specialization Courses
      FIN 207Money & Banking5
      Marketing Specialization Courses
      MKT 207Public Relations5
      Entrepreneurship Specialization Courses
      ACT 207Financial Statement Analysis5

      Semester 4

      Course IDCourse TitleECTS
      Core Business Courses
      ECO 210International Economics5
      MIS 220 Information Systems4
      MGT 217Strategic Sales Management5
      FIN 220Principles of Finance5
      FRL 210Foreign Language3
      COV 205Company Visits2
      International Management Specialization Courses
      BUS 245European Business5
      Marketing Specialization Courses
      MKT 295Advertising5
      Entrepreneurship Specialization Courses
      ENT 230Small Business Field Studies5

      Year 3

      Semester 5

      Course IDCourse TitleECTS
      Core Business Courses
      FIN 310International Finance5
      MKT 315Strategic Marketing5
      MIS 320Information Systems5
      FRL 310Foreign Language3
      ITP 300Internship3
      International Management Specialization Courses
      MGT 310Negotiation Skills4
      MGT 320Total Quality Management4
      Marketing Specialization Courses
      MKT 310Consumer Behavior4
      MKT 320Retail Strategy4
      Entrepreneurship Specialization Courses
      ENT 310Family Business Management4
      ENT 320Cases in  Entrepreneurship I4

      Semester 6

      Course IDCourse TitleECTS
      Core Business Courses
      FIN 320Financial Planning and Budgeting5
      MGT 330Strategic Leadership & Change5
      BUS 315Business in a World Economy5
      FRL 320Foreign Language3
      THE 350Thesis6
      International Management Specialization Courses
      MKT 335Cases in Marketing5
      FIN 340Cases in Finance5
      Marketing Specialization Courses
      MKT 330New Product Development5
      MKT 340Services Marketing5
      Entrepreneurship Specialization Courses
      ENT 330Cases in  Entrepreneurship II5
      ENT 340Mergers and Acquisitions5

    • Bachelor of Business Administration
      Course Descriptions (Excerpt)


      In-depth analysis of challenging accounting areas. Topics include fixed assets, contributed capital, revenue recognition, cash flow statements, preparing and analyzing cash flows statements.

      Cases in Finance

      These courses address financial concepts and their applications to the management of an organization, and present a framework for financial decisions in organizations.

      English and Commercial Correspondence

      Introduction to writing techniques with an emphasis on correctness. Students learn to develop and structure ideas in writing through a variety of one-page or longer assignments, and through discussions concerning grammar, spelling and usage.

      International Finance

      This course focuses on the international environment in which the financial manager operates. Foreign exchange risk, working capital management, long-term investments and financing are examined.

      Strategic Marketing

      This course focuses on the tension between global product development, the needs and wants of different cultures, and the necessity of tailoring investment risk to the knowledge of specific marketplaces. There is an emphasis on relationship marketing, strategic alliances, competitive benchmarking, and new multi-functional product marketing and operations.

    • Application / Arrival

      Do I have to notify the university that I have accepted the study place?

      We ask all candidates to send us an e-mail confirmation about accepting the study place.

      Do you have an application fee?

      Yes, all applicants need to pay SFr. 150.-. The application fee needs to be paid at the time of applying so we can start working on your application upon receipt. The application fees are non-refundable.

      How do I apply?

      1. Fill out the online application form.
      2. Make sure all documents are attached to the online application. Documents in foreign languages need to be translated into English, German, French or Italian. Translations must be notarized or certified. 
      3. Submit your online application . Check that it is complete. Incomplete applications will delay the application process. If you successfully submitted your online application you will receive an instant e-mail with confirmation of receipt.

      What documents do I need to submit for application?

      Please ALWAYS go to the program site to see the most current list of required documents before sending your applications package.

      Typically the following is required:

      • filled out online application form
      • copy of highest degree/diploma and copy of transcripts/mark sheets in the original language (with certified or notarized English/German/French/Italian translation)
      • official test results of English language proficiency
      • curriculum vitae (CV) including a brief description of responsibilities 
      • copy of the identification document

      Some programs also require:

      • reference letters (professional or academic)
      • motivation letter
      • research proposal

      What is a certified/notarized copy of a document?

      A certified/notarized copy is a copy made of an original document where the "true copy" status is confirmed by a notary or by the school who issued the original document.

      What is a certified/notarized translation of a document?

      A certified/notarized translation is a translation of an original document into English, and confirmed by a notary or by the school who issued the original document.

      When do I need to arrive in Zurich?

      The fall semester starts mid-September. There is a college preparation week for undergraduate students to introduce SBS  which will help the students to get to know our environment.

      When is the application deadline?

      • For Swiss/EU applicants: 1st August, for international applicants 30th June.

      When will I learn about the status of my application?

      Once you apply, we will contact you via email to organize all necessary steps of the application process. The official enrollment letter will be sent upon successful completion of the application process and submission of the payment upon acceptance fee.

      Where should I send my application documents?

      Please apply online via our website. 

      If you did not attach all documents with your online application, please send the remaining documents online to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      If you cannot send your documents online, please send them by post to:

      SBS Swiss Business School
      Registrar's Office
      Flughafenstrasse 3
      8302 Kloten-Zurich


      How is the credit system arranged at the SBS?

      The grading scale can be seen in our brochures, or can be requested with the Program Manager in charge. The system of credits in use (ECTS) is a cumulative calculation of credit points based on the workload of a student. It is a student-centred credit system to measure the workload required to achieve the objectives and learning outcomes of a curriculum. One credit point corresponds to 26 hours of studies (lectures, seminars, practice, homework or independent work, assessment of learning outcomes) performed by a student. ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer Accumulation System) are allocated to course units and are awarded to students who successfully complete the course by satisfying the assessment requirements.

      How many ECTS do I have to get?

      Exchange and visiting students: there are no limits for the credits. Degree students: the volume of a curriculum per one official standard academic year is 60 credits in the European credit transfer system. Degree students have to gather at least 60 ECTS in order to get transferred to the next academic year of the respective full-time program.

      How much does it cost to study at the SBS?

      The tuition fees at SBS are SFr. 20’000.- per academic year. SFr. 10’000.- per Semester (BBA programs).

      I want to learn German. Is it possible during my main studies at the SBS?

      SBS Swiss Business School offers all Bachelor students courses in German. 

      What is the duration of a semester at SBS?


      One Academic Year consists of 2 semesters or 4 terms. The BBA fall semester is from September to January and the spring semester from February to June. Please check the academic calendar for the specific dates.



      What programs are instructed in English at the SBS?

      All our programs are taught in English.

      Practical Aspects

      Can I stay in Switzerland after my studies?

      International students can stay in Switzerland for the time specified on their residence permit to study. It is against the law for one to stay in the country over the permitted time period. Applications for extensions can be submitted at the local immigration office.

      If after completing your studies at SBS you are looking to work/live in Switzerland long-term you need to consult with the local immigration office on the process of getting a residence permit and work permit. Your future employer should facilitate you in this. SBS only provides assistance with getting residence permit to study for admitted students.

      Do I need a visa to come to study in Switzerland and how do I get it?

      Before you can start your studies in Switzerland, you have to make various arrangements with regard to accommodation, insurance, entry and residence. The conditions depend on your country of origin/nationality. It is the student or prospective student's responsibility to get information on the entry formalities in due time and make the necessary arrangements.

      Entry Requirements

      Contact your nearest Swiss embassy or consulate for specific information. You may find more information on the website for the Staatssekretariat für Migration SEM (State Secretariat for Migration SEM):

      Student Visas

      IMPORTANT: A tourist visa DOES NOT allow you to pursue studies in Switzerland. 

      Students from EU/EFTA countries and students from other countries (so called third-country nationals) must meet several conditions to enter Switzerland:

      You should apply for your visa at least four months before the start of your studies at the Swiss embassy or consulate in your home country.

      Do I need to speak one of the native languages (German, French, Italian) to live in Zurich/Switzerland?

      English is widely spoken in Switzerland. You do not need to speak any of the native languages in order to live and study here. However we encourage international students to take German (the local language in Zurich) as a foreign language during their studies to feel more comfortable in the country and understand better the country and its people.

      How can I travel from SBS to Zurich main station?

      There are two possibilities by train: either by line S7 from station Balsberg direction Rapperswil, or by bus line 768 to the Airport and from the Airport with tram number 10 on to the Zurich centre.

      How much does it cost to live in Zurich?

      Food and other personal expenses are minimum approx. CHF 2000.- per month.

      How to find an apartment?

      If the life in the student houses (listed on our website) seems not to be of your style, you could rent an apartment. The prices range from approximately CHF 700.- in the farther parts of the town to CHF 3000.- or more in the center (1-2 rooms). Information on apartments for renting is available on our website. You could also ask for assistance from your program manager.

      Is it legal for a foreign student to work part-time during his/her studies in Switzerland?

      A student who has been issued a residence permit for study (Permit B) may take employment without a work permit in order to participate in practical training pursuant to the curriculum, and maximum to 20 hours a week. Students awarded permit L are not able to work during their studies. Otherwise he/she may take employment in Switzerland only on the basis of a work permit but only outside of school hours on condition that such employment does not interfere with studies. Application for any other type of work permit must be submitted to the local regional department of the Citizenship and Migration Office. SBS is not responsible for such action, and will not support students who like to apply for a work permit. Additional information concerning work permits can be obtained from the Citizenship and Migration Office.

      Is it possible for student to find a job in Zurich?

      It is possible but most of places require that you would speak German, French or Italian. Indeed, many companies have English as corporate language too.

      What are the Swiss like?

      The character of Swiss has inevitably been shaped by their country's history and its natural environment. It's the long, dark winters that have most likely fostered their self-absorbed and silent manner.

      Swiss are third-generation city people at most, so almost all families have relatives living in the country. Childhood memories will undoubtedly include summers spent in the country. The somewhat grim and reserved Swiss of the winter months undergoes a significant change in summer: he will ask friends out for a picnic, meet new people, get in a boat to cruise on a lake, or climb a mountain. The Swiss are also passionate skiers. A foreigner is well advised to bear in mind that in human relations, Swiss try to avoid sentimentality. Much of what other nationalities voice without hesitation, Swiss may reveal only once they know a person quite well.

      What is the weather like in Switzerland?

      Switzerland has mild summers and cold winters. Temperatures in Zurich range from a summer average of 24°C to a winter average of-5°C. Being on the Lake of Zurich, the city is subjected to lake breezes and humidity.

      The cold winter (wintertime from December to March) does not necessarily mean constant snow; in fact snowfalls are few and far between. Summertime (from June to August) and fall (September to November) brings unexpected rain showers, so an umbrella and light raincoat are recommended.

    • Tuition Fees

      Tuition fees at SBS Swiss Business School can be paid in full or in installments according to the payment plan below.

      Application fee (non-refundable) CHF 150.-
      Payment upon acceptance*: CHF 3’000.-
      First and second semester CHF 8'500.- per semester
      Third until sixth semester CHF 10'000 per semester

      *Part of the program tuition fees. Only refundable in case of Student Visa rejection by the Swiss Immigration Authorities.

    Program Manager

    • Klauser Franziska

      Ms. Franziska Klauser

      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    SBS Swiss Business School

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